Online Books by Jerald Finney

“Christ loved the church and gave himself for it” (Ephesians 5.25).

This website is dedicated to Him who is altogether lovely, the Lord Jesus Christ. To understand a little how lovely He is, click here to go to The Loveliness of Jesus.

To go to the online version of the books, click the link desired below (the online versions have additional information and pictures not contained in the PDF versions):

  1. The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus 
  2. God Betrayed: Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application
  3. Study Guide for the book God Betrayed
  4. An Abridged History of the First Amendment
  5. Separation of Church and State: God’s Churches – Spiritual or Legal Entities
  6. Render Unto God the Things that Are His: A Sytematic Study of Romans 13 and Related Verses
  7. The Most Important Thing: Loving God and/or Winning Souls
  8. An analysis of Ecclesiastical Law Center Attacks against the Ordinary Trust Recommended by this Old Paths Baptist Church “Separation of Church and State Law Ministry”
  9. Critique of “Church Freedom and the Corporation Sole” Website 
  10. Quick Reference Guide for Churches Seeking to Organize According to New Testament Principles (Pamphlet) 
  11. Tract: Street Preaching In America: Is It Legal?

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Defining the Biblical Relationship between Church and State and Holding in Trust That Which God Has Committed Unto Us

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