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*A course of instruction offered by Old Paths Baptist Church Bible Trust Ministries (Formerly known as Separation of Church and State Law Ministry)

Videos are now being prepared. Some are already finished. Please forgive the delay. God bless.

This course is presented in both written and video format. The video of each segment will be limited to five to eight minutes. The student should not only watch the video but also read the short written lesson. The written lessons and accompanying Youtube lectures are being added as completed.

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Bible doctrine, history and law concerning the issue of Church/State Relationship
Short but more complete written classes at: Written Course

Prior video programs:

Biblical Principles of Church and State Guest (July 3, 2008 Interview by Southwest Radio Church)
Romans 13 Do We Obey Government over God? The Biblical Interpretation (May 2013)
501c3 Churches The Biblical and Legal Truth about Incorporation (May 2013)

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December 23, 2017: Introduction and Purpose of Old Paths Baptist Church Bible Trust Ministries

See Written Overview (This will be put on video soon)

General Questions Answered [Click here to go to webpage with imbedded videos of answers to these General Questions.]. Or click a link below to go directly to a lecture on Youtube:

1. What is a Spiritual entity? (3 min. 4 sec.)
 What is a legal entity? (4 min. 24 sec.)
3. Is a church a Spiritual entity, a legal entity, or a Spiritual/legal entity? (3 min. 53 sec.)
4. Is Old Paths Baptist Church a Spiritual or legal entity? (3 min. 57 sec.) 
5. Is it illegal for a church in America not to incorporate? Does a church have to be a 501c3? (4 min. 30 sec.)
Does God Care if our Church is Incorporated? (4 min. 9 sec.)
Should a Church Be a 508 Church?
Does a church in America need an Employer (Tax) ID Number? (3 min. 43 sec.)
Did President Trump do away with 501(c)(3) Requirements?
10. What does church, inc. mean? (3 min. 40 sec.)
11. Who Is the head of an incorporated church? (3 min. 28 sec.)
12. What is 501c3? (3 min. 44 sec.)
13. What is 508?
What is an established church? (5 min. 46 sec.)

Sermon which correctly explains 1 Corinthians 12.13: Rightly Dividing Baptisms: Is 1 Corinthians 12.13 Spirit Baptism Or Water Baptism” on (040316)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)(This sermon is also posted here because it refutes the heretical teaching that 1 Corinthians 12.13 teaches a universal church. The doctrine of a universal church was initiated early on by heretics and apostates such as Origin, adopted by the Catholic and Protestant churches, and now relied upon by those and other “churches” as well as TV, radio, and online so-called ministries.)

I. Foundational Bible Principles

A. Bible Doctrine of Government

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      1. Introduction (5 min. 13 sec.)
      2.  Self-government (4 min.)
      3. Family Government and Conscience
      4. Civil Government
      5. Israel
      6. God Desires That All Nations Choose To Glorify Him
      7. God Judges Nations 
      8. Satan

B. Bible Doctrine of Church

      1. Introduction 
      2. Christ Ordained the Church and Builds It upon the Rock
      3. A Church Is a Mystery, an Assembly, a Spiritual Body
      4. The Holy Spirit Forms a Church which Is a Temple, a Spiritual Body, the Body of Christ
      5. Christ, the Head/Bridegroom/Husband of the Local Church
      6. The Love between Christ and His Churches
      7. Other Bible Metaphors for a Church: Family, Etc.
      8. How To Recognize a New Testament Church
      9. Heresy and Apostasy
      10. Conclusion

Questions about church doctrine answered:

What is a Spiritual entity?
Is a church a Spiritual entity, a legal entity, or a Spiritual/legal entity?
Is Old Paths Baptist Church a Spiritual or legal entity?

3. Bible Doctrine Concerning Relationship of Church and State

      1. Introduction
      2. b. Define …
      3. c. Dispensational versus Covenant Theology and their importance to the issue of church and state relationship:
        (1) What is Covenant Theology?
        (2) What is Dispensational Theology?
        (3) Why is understanding the difference between Dispensational and Covenant Theology important to the understanding of the history of separation of church and state?
      4.  What are the Bible distinctions between church and state?
      5. What do certain Bible verses teach about the relationship between church and state?
        (1) Romans 13, “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers?”
        (2) 1 Peter 2.13, “Obey every ordinance of man?”
        (3) Luke 20.25, Matthew 22.21, and Mark 22.17, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s?”
        (4) Matthew 17.24-27, “Doth Not Your Master Pay Tribute?”

        (5) 1 Timothy 2.1-6, “Pray for All Rulers?”
        f. How does God’s Word explain Christ’s relationship to His churches?
        g. Conclusion

II. The American Application of the Biblical Principles

A. Religious liberty in America

      1. What is the history of the First Amendment?
      2. What is the History and Meaning “Establishment of Religion” in America?
      3. What is an established church? (5 min. 46 sec.)
      4. What is a First Amendment Church?

B. Union of Church and State in America

a. What is a legal entity?
b. What does church, inc. mean?
c. Who Is the head of an incorporated church?
d. What is 501c3?
e. What is 508?

III. The Bible Trust – Organizing a Church the Bible Way

How can a church organize according to Bible Principle?

*Answers by OPBC member Jerald Finney, a Christian lawyer who has done intense studies of the history of the First Amendment and Bible principles of church, state, and separation of church and state. Study the Bible to verify his Biblical teachings. See the following webpages for some of the scholarly sources which support his historical and legal teachings:


Defining the Biblical Relationship between Church and State and Holding in Trust That Which God Has Committed Unto Us

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