Basic Course

A course of instruction offered by Old Paths Baptist Church Bible Trust Ministries

Started November 29, 2017.

Short/basic lessons which systematically examine the Bible Doctrines of Government, Church, Separation of Church and State and the Application of those doctrines to the American experience. 

The course is presented in both written and video format. The video of each segment will be limited to five to eight minutes. The student should not only watch the video but also read the short written lesson. Written lessons and videos are being produced and links will be added as they are finished.

December 23, 2017: Introduction and Purpose of Old Paths Baptist Church Bible Trust Ministries

Overview of Course

Written Lessons

Video Lectures

Make sure you proceed with the proper motive and goal:
The Motivation and the Goal

They Stood
1979 – Brother Lester Roloff

What happened to the Fundamental Baptist movement? What happened to Jack Hyles,  the Christian law association and David Gibbs? Why did they turn their back on truth about the Doctrines of Authority and Church? Because they, except for a small remnant, no longer understood the essentials, the New Testament Doctrine of Authority and the Doctrine of the Church.  They turned to man’s methods and reasoning instead of to the Bible. What about you and your church? Do you understand and practice what the Bible says about these and other related matters?


Defining the Biblical Relationship between Church and State and Holding in Trust That Which God Has Committed Unto Us

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